Travel Fitness: Superman on the Bosu


By Gretchen M. Ashton, CFT, SFN, SFT, NBFE

Travel to exotic diving destinations usually requires extended flights with multiple connections. Long hours sitting in airplane seats, lifting and pulling luggage, and varying food choices can take a toll on the traveling diver, but the dive trip is always worth it.

Divers will be more comfortable and help improve their blood circulation and travel fitness by standing and walking every two hours during flights and layovers. If there is space to stretch, focus on the low back and hamstrings. Drink water every hour including overnight flights. Being well hydrated is part of arriving at the destination ready to dive.

Make good food choices such as lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid fast food, white bread, creamy dressings and sauces, sodas, chips and candy, and limit coffee and alcohol. Pack healthy snacks in carry-on luggage and purchase extra water once past security check points. A bit of advance research will help divers find airport restaurants with both healthy eating options and short food-service times. Some airports have fitness centers where divers can exercise between flights. Aerobic exercise prior to diving activity is indicated in reducing risks associated with human physiology and the stresses of the underwater environment.

The Superman on the Bosu is a great exercise after sitting on long flights.

DSC_0209Begin in a kneeling position and place the torso on the rounded center of the Bosu. Find good balance evenly distributing the weight of the arms and legs. It may take a few attempts to get comfortable. Extend the arms along the sides of the head with palms facing toward the centerline of the body and straighten the legs as far as possible without raising the knees off the ground. Contract the abdominal, back, buttocks and leg muscles before lifting first the arms then each leg until the body is fully extended and balanced on the Bosu. Breathe naturally in and out. Hold the Superman for 10 to 30 seconds and repeat. Between holds lower the legs one at a time resting on the knees and forearms for a few seconds. The Superman may be practiced without a Bosu before moving to this level.

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