TSA-Approved Travel Lock Opens Your Luggage With An App On Your Phone


If you’ve ever had your baggage lost or stolen while traveling, chances are you’ve wished for a better luggage lock. The travel industry is full of technological innovation these days, so why are we still using combination locks to secure luggage and keep our personal belongings safe?


That’s the question that inspired AirBolt, a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock that layers a variety high-tech security measures into a system that you control entirely from your smart phone. The AirBolt smart lock is comparable in size to most old-school combination locks, but despite this small footprint, the device is absolutely stuffed with features that put the safety of your stuff back in your hands.

The AirBolt Smart Travel Lock, a 2017 Good Design Award Winner, is a reliable TSA-approved lock that uses crowd sourced location tracking to help you find your luggage in any busy airport. It can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, which means you can lock and unlock it by just using the app instead of having to keep track of a key. (There’s also an individual backup button access code in case anything happens to your phone.) And this lock isn’t just for traveling — you can also use it to lock up a bike or other valuables.


For starters, the AirBolt lock pairs with your smart phone so that only you can unlock it when you’re within range of your luggage. An initial setup process lets you set distance controls to customize AirBolt’s many security measures. The lock’s alarm system, for example, can be set to go off if you get separated from your luggage, alerting you (and everyone around you) if you leave something behind or if someone walks off with your bag without permission. Without distance controls, AirBolt’s alert system still lets users sound the alarm manually if luggage goes missing unexpectedly or just gets misplaced.

There are also a number of built-in redundancy measures that make AirBolt extra secure for plenty of “just in case” scenarios. If you lose or damage your smart phone, for example, AirBolt lets you log in to your paired account from another device to unlock your bag and reclaim access to all your security settings. If you’re worried that your smart phone might go missing with your stolen or misplaced bag, AirBolt includes a security PIN to prevent unauthorized access if your phone should end up in the wrong hands.

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May 23, 2018 |

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