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This Underwater Winery Lets You Dive for Your Vino

Source: Rachelle Dragon – AZULA

At one Croatia winery, the sea isn’t just a sparkling backdrop. It’s also the wine cellar. Edivo Winery, Croatia’s first underwater winery, believes the cool, mysterious waters of the Adriatic Sea are the perfect place to store its wines.

Instead of the underground cellars and oak barrels that many wineries use to store vino, Edivo keeps its wine in terracotta jugs called amphoras. Then, it lowers those into the sea.

Divers check on the amphoras periodically. After about one to two years, they bring them back up from the underwater winery, ready to serve.

Back on land, the amphoras don’t look like your ordinary wine bottles.

The sea aging process coats the jugs in a thick layer of shells, coral and algae. 

Photo Credit: Edivo Vina

That sea coat doesn’t affect the taste, aroma or color of the wine, though, according to Edivo. The bottles are corked and layered in rubber to prevent leaking. (They’re also padlocked to prevent any wine-loving scuba divers from having a field day.)

Owners Ivo and Anto Šegovic and Edi Bajurin say the process began as an experiment and an ode to an ancient Greek practice. Now, after some honing of the technique, they believe that the cool and quiet waters are the perfect natural storage facility for a fine wine.

Plus, the added layer of mystery from the depths of the sea makes this underwater winery’s wine all the more enchanting.

Photo Credit: Edivo Vina
Photo Credit: Edivo Vina

Luckily for all the combination wine and scuba enthusiasts, the winery is now open to visitors.

Divers can dip into the blue waters of Croatia’s Pelješac Peninsula, check out a sunken boat that stores some of the amphoras, and see the clay jugs of the underwater winery before they’re brought back up to land.

And of course, at the end of their dive, a nice big glass of wine awaits.

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