The Wakatobi Collaborative Reef Conservation Program

Wakatobi’s Collaborative Reef Conservation Program protects more than 20 km of coral reefs, and helps to generate income for 17 communities around Wakatobi Resort. After years of working with local fishermen and village elders on the benefits of reef resource management and honoring no-fishing zones, the corals and fish populations are healthier than ever.

We put this video together to honor our world’s oceans and to help expand the reach and impact of World Oceans Day year-round.

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What an Incredible Therapy

After 13 years in a wheelchair Robert was able to walk & run again. Watch and listen to his amazing story as he escapes gravity to discover freedom.

Help Diveheart Revolutionize Rehabilitation….Please share this incredible video with every Occupational, Physical and Rehab Therapist,Rehabilitation Physician & Kinesiologist that you know…

Citizen Science onboard Quino el Guardian

Uniting Recreational Divers with Expert Scientists.

Citizen science involves everyday people – just like you – who volunteer to help scientists with their research. You don’t need to have a formal science background to participate.

Check out this video to learn about Quino El Guardians collaborative Citizen Science trips that bring together recreational divers and marine biologists, working and learning together in the beautiful Sea of Cortez & Revillagigedo Islands ( Socorro)

The World's Largest Shark Sanctuary

The Marshall Islands has been home to the world’s largest shark sanctuary for a year. It’s an area of the central Pacific Ocean spanning 1,990,530 square kilometers (768,547 square miles)—nearly four times the landmass of California—in which commercial fishing of all sharks is prohibited. And not only is it the biggest, but a year later, its shark protections are still the strongest. This video highlights the importance of the Marshall Islands shark sanctuary and how the government and law enforcement officials have been working to enforce its new laws.

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