Underwater Tour at Wakatobi

Wakatobi Resort and Pelagian Dive Yacht

Go full screen with this video to experience one of the planet’s most pristine and vibrant coral environments. We’ll start from Wakatobi Resort’s palm-fringed beach and take a short boat ride to reefs teeming with life. After gliding along the sunlit top of the reef—which is also perfect for snorkelers—we’ll drop over the edge where more discoveries await. Then, we’ll board a luxury dive yacht known as the Pelagian for a cruise to more distant reefs through Indonesia’s Wakatobi Archipelago. Want even more? Then come to visit us in person.

The Best of Maldives

Video by buceoentossa

Whale sharks, many Mantas Ray, Dolphins, and more. Filmed with a gopro4silver in Maldives by Chiqui Bustos

Sipadan - Mabul - Kapalai, Malaysia

Video by Travel Master

The diving around the islands of Sipadan, Mabul, and Kapalai off the coast of Sabah, Malaysia on the island of Borneo is some of the best in the world. Large schools of barracuda, jacks, bump head parrot fish, turtles, and sharks are just a few of some of the larger marine life seen on almost every dive!

British Columbia

British Columbia is home to some of the most unique diving in the world. Shipwrecks, artificial reefs, ancient sponge bioherms, diverse marine life, canyons, walls, reefs, sea lions… there’s more to explore in British Columbia, Canada, than you may realize.

Dive Industry Association of BC:

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Solomon Islands

Video by Bilikiki

Remote and truly beautiful the Solomon Islands is a diver’s dream destination. Part of the coral triangle with a staggering diversity of marine species, coral and dive sites, it somehow remains one of the least dived areas of the world.

Galápagos Marine Sanctuary

by OceanInitiative

Great news for sharks! Ecuador has created a new no-fishing zone in the Galapagos Islands.‬ When we protect sharks we protect whole ecosystem!

The government of Ecuador today announced the creation of marine sanctuary and 21 conservation areas in the Galápagos islands, full protecting the largest biomass of sharks on the planet. The area protected encompasses over 47,000 square kilometers — roughly one third of the waters around the archipelago from fishing and other extra active industries.
In December of 2015, National Geographic’s Pristine Seas team of international scientists and filmmakers, in collaboration with the Galápagos National Park and the Darwin Research Station, surveyed and documented the waters around the islands.

Wakatobi, Indonesia

If you haven’t yet experienced how enjoyable a dive boat really can be, we invite you to join us at Wakatobi Resort and come aboard! Our fleet of dedicated dive/snorkel boats are all around 21-meters/70 ft in length, with long profiles that allow for very comfortable seating and plenty of elbowroom for moving around. Our boat crews and dive staff take great pride in providing the highest level of personal service and attention, and it begins even before guests step aboard. We take care of your every need so you can simply enjoy the pristine reefs and marine life diversity that awaits you. Here’s a taste of the Wakatobi Resort dive/snorkel boat experience.

Muck Diving - Tulumben - Bali

Video by Evan Sherman

The short film, The Not So Silent World, combines new techniques with a fresh perspective on the post-production process. It’s not just about the acquisition of the image, it is how the images are packaged and presented that have the most impact on the viewer. Through an untraditional approach to editing and the addition of sound effects, this film takes you into “the muck” like never before.

Evan Sherman is the owner of Seasick Productions, a full-service multimedia company that specializes in underwater imaging.

The Whale Shark in Lembeh Strait

Upload by: Kungkungan Bay Resort

This beauty suddenly appeared again in Lembeh Strait after 3 years of absence..!!! Welcome home mate…for us diving the Lembeh strait used to tiny critters, this one… too huge not to get excited!!!!!!!

New Whale Shark Behavior

On a  expedition to Indonesia‘s Cendrawasih Bay, Conservation International’s Mark Erdmann learned how whale sharks often congregate around bagan (lift net) fishing platforms to eat the small silverside baitfish that the fishers are targeting. The sharks have also learned how to “suck” the fish out of holes in the nets!

Dive Into Ambon

by: Liquidguru

Everyone who comes to Ambon to dive, not surprisingly, wants to see the Psychedelic Frogfish, Histiophryne psychedelica. And it’s a critter we would love to show everyone too.

Meet the Scuba Diving Dog

Credit: TV program on Animal Planet. Mac & Mutley. 
Looks almost like our own Dexter the Scuba Doodle.

Planet Earth II

BBC just revealed the trailer for “Planet Earth II,” the sequel to the amazing, high-definition documentary series that covered 11 different habitats. And by the looks of it, “Planet Earth II” is shaping up to be even more mind-blowing than the original.

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