Watch Scallops Swim, Shells and All


Source Melissa Valliant

When you think of a scallop, you probably picture something like this:


Or maybe something like this:

scallop dish

But if the only thing scallops make you think of are Gordon Ramsay screaming about raw food or beach house shell decorations, you’re missing out on all the cool things they do when they’re alive!

scallop eyes

Like swim!

Scallops can really scoot when they want to, flexing their abductor muscle to squirt jets of water out of their shell and propel themselves forward.

It may not be the most efficient way to move, but you know what?

And they’ve got a lot more going on visually than just a pretty shell. They’re actually kind of terrifying, covered in tiny blue eyes and a long beard.

And we’re not exactly sure what’s on the inside. Layers and layers of … something.

You may have wished your scallop portions were bigger on the plate, but after seeing that we bet you’re OK with scallops staying on the small side.

Wouldn’t want this chasing after you, right?

Oh, and we shouldn’t forget to mention that some of them are electric.

OK, it’s not really electricity — it’s a form of bioluminescence.

But it still looks awesome. We bet flame scallops like the one above get invited to all the underwater raves.

So now you know! Scallops have a reputation in the food world for being exotic and fancy, but that blob of pale white just doesn’t compare to what scallops are like in their natural habitat.

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