“Why Shoot Lion Fish ?”


Source: Paul Stuzziero

My daughter Alexandra loves to shot Lion Fish for both conservation measures and the fact they taste fantastic.  Several weeks ago she shot several of these fish. One in fact was just ½” shy of the state record in FL.!!

Anyway after a two tank dive off my boat she gathered 9 fish total.  The large one we decided to dissect its stomach. The results are alarming.


The larger of these fish had 12 juvenile fish in its stomach. These fish are not only prolific eaters but breeders as well. A single female can lay 20,000 eggs every 2 weeks!!!  This one fish was a real wake up call. Multiply that but the many we see every day….

If we do not work to remove as many as we can we will continue to see them eliminate all native species of fish that we take for granted and enjoy on each and every dive.

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September 5, 2018 |

One thought on ““Why Shoot Lion Fish ?”

  1. Brook Peterson says:

    It is important to note that lion fish are invasive only in the Caribbean and surrounding area. They are natural in the Pacific and Asia Pacific oceans. I meet people all the time who do not know this. The title of this article implies that there is a good reason to shoot lion fish, and that we should “remove as many as we can.” It is irresponsible to say this without explaining why and where.

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