The World’s Best Travel Jacket?


Could Be.  I’m always on the hunt for the IDEAL travel products to enhance my travel experience as well as help counter the lower baggage allowance. Whether it be a new carry-on bag, dive bag, or..

While browsing Kickstarter, I recently came across BAUBUX, a smart line of jackets for those who appreciate a lot of functionality with their style. They have packed their jackets with some amazing features to make your travel as comfortable as possible. And reduce weight and or give you more space in your bags. 

With 4 smart looking Styles to fit your need and style. In both men and womens: Windbreaker, Bomber, Sweatshirt and Blazer.


15 FEATURES IN ALL: That seem to perform well and with ease The following are features I could and would use.

Neck Pillow. Built-in Inflatable Neck Pillow that easily hides inside the hood of the jacket. Innovative valve technology allows 2 SECOND INFLATION

Eye Mask – Always have an eye mask when you need it.  built inside the hood.

Smartphone Pocket – Easily accessible Smartphone pocket that offers a seamless connection to your earphones.

Sunglass Pocket – Easily accessible sunglass holder in a pocket to keep your sunglasses safe and handy.

Passport Pocket – Passport size chest pocket designed for quick access to boarding pass and ID while traveling

WHILE NOT AS ESSENTIAL TO ME AS THE ABOVE here are some additional features that might come in handy.

Microfiber Cloth – Built-in Microfiber cloth for cleaning sunglass and eyeglass lenses.

Earphone Holders – Built-in Earphone holders always keep your earphones untangled and ready for instant use

Koozie Drink Pocket – No more fumbling with your Drink and your Laptop on a plane table tray. With their insulated neoprene Koozie Drink Pocket, keep your hot drinks warm, cold drinks cool and your hands free for work.

iPad Pocket – A 10 inch pocket to carry an iPad or any full size tablet to free up space in your carry-on or purse and for more convenient plane boarding.

Zipper = Telescopic Pen + Stylus –  Your zipper is now smart, useful and social. It’s a 1 inch pen that extends to 4 inches – great for sharing with a seatmate for customs forms. The bottom of the telescoping pen has a soft tip Stylus to ensure you always have a Stylus handy

Gloves – Built-in-gloves that easily slide in and out of the sleeves, to keep you warm and cozy when you are on the go.

Check out the BAUBUX SITE. They have great videos showcasing many of the unique features.

Can’t wait for them to be available. Until they are available I’ll use the time making the arduous decision of deciding  which style and color for me. Already a quandary as I’m thinking I need both the blazer for the few times I need a more upscale look and the cool looking comfort of the sweatshirt. But then again  bomber and windbreaker are pretty cool. 

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